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Despite the fact that one can download all sorts of legal media resources using torrent sites, they are always under heavy legal scrutiny from content creators and law enforcement firms due to also sharing of torrent files that are protected by copyright act. Therefore, many popular torrent sites including YIFY movies or YTS alternatives torrent got blocked in several countries by their ISPs.

YTS/YIFY is one of the torrent sites that over the years, with its simple yet super graphical interface, holds a strong dominance on other torrent sites. Well, until it wasn’t blocked, it allowed users to access and download thousands of high-quality movies across different genres. In fact, on YIFY movies online stream, there’s this feature that can sort movies by plenty of factors like ratings, print quality, language, downloads, and alphabetical order. That’s why it used to be an integral part of millions of individual’s daily lives. However, when suddenly the site got blocked in many of the countries, its millions of worldwide users got dis-heartened knowing the same.

Therefore, considering that in mind, today we’ve come out with this blog to help those who no longer can access the YTS/YIFY torrent for meeting their entertainment needs.

So, if you belong to a country where YTS or YIFY movies sites doesn’t work then, here is a list of YTS/YIFY movies proxy and mirror sites that you can consider visiting because these are the clones of the original YTS/YIFY site that have been hosted in countries where it is not blocked yet.

List of 20 Best YIFY/YTS Proxy Sites

S. No. Proxy website URL Speed
1. yts.gs https://yts.gs/ Very Fast
2. yify-movies http://www.yify-movies.net/ Very Fast
3. ytss.unblocked https://ytss.unblocked.is/ Very Fast
4. yts.pm https://yts.pm/ Very Fast
5. yts.gs https://yts.gs/ Fast
6. yify.ac https://yify.ac/ Fast
7. yts.unblocked https://yts.unblocked.pub/ Fast
8. yts.bypassed https://yts.bypassed.org/ Fast
9. yts.p4y https://yts.p4y.club/ Fast
10. yts.prox4you https://yts.prox4you.xyz/ Fast
11. yts.p4y https://yts.p4y.space/ Fast
12. yts.p4y https://yts.p4y.info/ Fast
13. yts.nocensor https://yts.nocensor.icu/ Fast
14. yts.p4y https://yts.p4y.xyz/ Fast
15. Yts.123unblock https://yts.123unblock.info/ Fast
16. yts.unblocked https://yts.unblocked.krd/ Normal
17. yts.unblocked https://yts.unblocked.st/ Normal
18. yts.mrunlock https://yts.mrunlock.pro/ Normal
19. YIFY Movie Proxy YIFY Movie Proxy Normal
20. YIFY Torrent Proxy YIFY Torrent Proxy Slow

You can try these above-listed proxy and mirror sites of YTS/YIFY website as a possible way to access the content available there on the platform. But, in case if you don’t want to consider using these YIFY/YTS proxy and mirror sites of 2020 then, read further to check the alternative torrent websites of the same, that actually work.

List of Top-7 Alternatives of YTS/YIFY Torrent Website

Alternative Websites Name Alternative Websites URL Monthly Visitors (in Millions)
The Pirate Bay https://thepiratebay.org/ 25 Million+
Limetorrents https://www.limetorrents.info/ 17Million+
1337x https://www.1337x.am/ 71Million+
Rarbg https://rarbg.to/index80.php 57Million+
KickAssTorrents https://kickasstorrents.to/ 7 Million+
Zooqle https://zooqle.com/ 8 Million+
Torrentz2 https://torrentz2.is/ 20.5Million+

[Disclaimer: Our motive for writing this blog is to provide you information about the proxies and best alternatives of YTS/YIFY torrent website. We strongly discourage downloading any ‘Copyright-Protected and Licensed Content’ from these listed torrent sites. Instead, we encourage you to find only the legal content on them.] 

Detailed Review of the Top 7 Alternative of YTS/YIFY Torrent Sites!

The Pirate Bay — a household name among all the torrent enthusiasts, “The Pirate Bay” which is also abbreviated as “TPB” is the galaxy’s most resilient BiTorrent site. You can use it as a suitable Yify alternative for downloading a plenty of high quality torrents in no time. In fact, what’s more interesting about this site is that it contains various VIPs or trusted user badges to help users differentiate between legitimate and scam links.

Launched in Year 2003
Blocked in Countries Australia, Austria, Argentina,  Belgium, China, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, India, Ireland,  Kuwait, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Singapore, Sweden Turkey, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates, United States.
Alexa Rank 301
Global Site Rank 209
Features Better peer-to-peer file sharing with magnetic link supportSimple layout, low ad annoyance, decluttered interface, and easy content selectionMovies, music, TV shows, games, software.

1337x —whenever Yify movies torrent isn’t working, the next best alternative of Yify in the list is 1337x. This multipurpose torrent site is considered as one of the most used sites in the world for offering all kinds of fresh content every hour. Also, it has improved many of its security features as well as its interface while considering the ease of access for the users. Thus, if you’re looking for an organized interface and that too with a huge variety of torrents links like you get on Yify site then, consider 1337x as one of the most suitable alternatives of the same.

Launched in Year 2007
Blocked in Countries Australia, Austria, Ireland, and the UK.
Alexa Rank 411
Global Site Rank 254
Features Simple and clean user interface with sections dedicated to different types of content.Allows users to easily search for TV Shows, Music, Movies, Animation, Games, Software, Documentaries, and more.

Rarbg — you can consider Rarbg as another best alternative to Yify movies for downloading countless movies and music torrent files. It helps you in previewing what you’re downloading by enlightening you about the basic details of a movie like ‘genre, plot, language, star cast, released year, and the IMDB rating, etc.’ In fact, apart from movies, you can access other media resources in categories like web series, TV shows, anime, novels, software installer packages and much more.

Launched in Year 2008
Blocked in Countries Bulgaria, Denmark, Indonesia, Ireland, Morocco, Pakistan, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, and the UK.
Alexa Rank 819
Global Site Rank 347
Features High-resolution quality contentContains a great collection of Movies, Games, Trailers, Software.

Limetorrents —if you wish to find all the recent and popular releases with download option at one place then Limetorrents is the one you’re looking for! Using the ‘Tracker list and directories’ feature of this site, you can easily get a hold on new and latest torrent files. And, the main reason why it is considered in the list of best YTS alternatives is that it has earned a reputation of one of the biggest torrent sites available on the internet today for having an impressive size database of 10 million utorrent files.

Launched in Year 2009
Blocked in Countries Australia, France, and the UK.
Alexa Rank 2648
Global Site Rank 1341
Features Excellent user-interfaceIdeal for downloading torrents with one clickTracker list and directoriesContains several download categories to choose fromMovies, games, software, content ebooks

KickAssTorrents —another leading and oldest torrent website, KickAss Torrents caters to the needs of millions of individuals for having a good number of torrents in all the categories. And, what’s more important to tell you about this site is that it always gives you detailed information about the uploader of each torrent available on the platform. Basically, with which you can differentiate between which torrents are safe and vice versa. So, if you prefer safe and quality torrents like you get on YTS then, KickAss Torrents is the alternative that you should definitely be using!

Launched in Year 2008
Blocked in Countries Australia, India, US, and the UK.
Alexa Rank 2828
Global Site Rank 2386
Features Apps, Games, Movies, TV Shows, Music, or Anime this website offers it all.Most powerful torrent search engine to help in downloading torrent files in just a few clicks.

Zooqle — All the torrent files available in the library of Zooqle, are verified and of high-quality. Thus, within such a short span of time, it has earned a place in the list of best torrenting sites available globally. In fact, it has been continuously gaining popularity for offering users a massive database of around 4 million torrents. And, though it contains a good range of other media resources in categories like TV shows, Books, Games, Apps, and Music but, it focuses mainly on Movies. So, that’s why, Zooqle is a great backup option for Yify Hindi movies when the same isn’t working for you.

Launched in Year 2013
Blocked in Countries Not blocked Anywhere
Alexa Rank 6400
Global Site Rank 2079
Features Solid content selection, categories, interface, search functions and many such features without many pop ups or ads.It has Books, Games, Movies, TV Shows, Apps, Music, especially over 1,300 TV shows and 3.8 million movies for download.

Torrentz2another new name in the list, Torrentz2 site is one of the chief alternatives of YTS/Yify torrent because it helps users for downloading the torrent content directly from the host sites. In simpler terms, though it has no torrent files of its own but, using this site’s search engine, you can find a lot of torrent options that you might not get anywhere else. In fact, this site has a unique filter of scanning each and every torrent site from its own database for ensuring its users safety. Also, surprisingly, it is increasing the number of torrent files in various different categories for users to get torrents easily.

Launched in Year 2016
Blocked in Countries Not blocked Yet.
Alexa Rank 15728
Global Site Rank 752
Features Torrentz2 Torrent with the best features over 61 millionHuge variety of movies, TV shows, music, apps, and games.

[Reminder: While you access a torrent website in order to download your favorite content, it is extremely important to use VPN security. Well, if you don’t use VPN, it means you’re exposing your IP address to hackers, ISPs and site operators, etc. So, always consider protecting yourself with a VPN Software.]
That’s all! These are the 7 alternatives of YTS/YIFY torrent website that you can consider worthy enough for accessing in 2021.

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