Nomos Glashutte Watches: A Decent and Stylish Watch Collection

Nomos Glashutte Company has exquisitely shown their expertise with millions of timepiece fanatics worldwide when it comes to style and decency. Roland Schwertner established the Nomos Glashutte business in 1990, two months after the Berlin Wall collapse. The headquarters is located in Glashütte, Germany.

Nomos Brand mostly made hand-wound timepieces during its early years, on their first series crafted by designer Susanne Günther as in German Bauhaus design. The first automatic watches were released in 2005. And since Nomos Glashütte is now at the forefront of mechanical watchmaking, creating both manual and automated alerts.

Nomos Orion

The Nomos Orion watches are a natural beauty with all the functions that go with every distinct design. This Nomos Watches has been skillfully crafted on the exterior, enticing curves all over, all of which appropriately match up only with delicate forever young lines which also suit any eye. There’s a lot further. 

A beautiful central dome sapphire crystal lens was already mounted on the front of this German timepiece. On each of the golden, galvanized, diamond-polished dials, the colored blue hands are thoroughly and adequately described. A Nomos Orion, along with its super-thin DUW 3001 caliber, also becomes obtainable for technology enthusiasts. 

Although the user benefits from an automated tick, Nomos Glashütte’s creativity is demonstrated by this accuracy, including its general mechanism. That has been rewarded with several achievements while on the road. Orion timepieces are distributed across over 20 various models to suit any iconic way of living, all of which are made with a classical yet high-tech approach. 

You’re able to arrive along a design fitted with its DUW 4101 caliber, including one like the Orion Neomatik 41 Date Olive Gold, which has a battery capacity of up to 42 hours.

Nomos AHOI

Nomos Ahoi is a versatile and finely made sport that adds one humorous and comfortable atmosphere to your preferred adventures. All of these are dealing with excellent elegance and telling time ease. This timepiece is ideal for sports enthusiasts. Has everything that you’ve wished for in your previous wristwatches.

If you want to beat Ahmed Gabr’s dive performance, this Nomos Ahoi timepiece is all you’ll need to keep track of time. The device is hugely wholly waterproof, including six locks holding that on the back plus two crown protection, enabling yourself to dive up to 200m deeper and deeper!

Furthermore, the super luminova layer on the Nomos Ahoi watches guarantees that you could continuously monitor your time though in the darkness and use the smartwatch shining hands. Its fabric harness, on either hand, was beautifully made with the glamorous artistry of France in mind, and it comes with a Nomos stainless locking mechanism, ensuring a seamless fitting on a wrist.

Nomos Product range includes Ahoi timepiece in many models and styles for quite an authentic German look, everything to guarantee you get the right one for every kind. If it’s about scale, the lengthy 36-millimeter size has become affordable. Unless you prefer a larger size, a standard 40-millimeter Ahoi Date Siren Blue is available that brings you the best experience.

Classic Nomos Tangente

This round, Nomos Tangente has become one of its Glashütte-based biggest businesses selling both for the past 25 years. Beginning with all its optimistic design, this wristwatch has received high praise from its customers, as well as multiple awards for its designers. Its one-of-a-kind style has captivated a lot of people, especially Bauhaus fans. 

It was one of the first Nomos timepieces, and it represents the ideals of a great leader model. The Nomos Tangente device, which comes in 19 various types, often produces a slight tick, even within variations with an automated caliber or the neomatik caliber, that is recognized for its absolute accuracy. Just like with the Tangente Neomatik 41 Update’s automated DUW 6101 caliber.

Other than being of the highest quality, Nomos Tangente isn’t all white and black. The wristwatch comes in various colors, including dark blue, green, and the glamorous Champagne. Moreover, the German watches are available in multiple sizes ranging from 33 mm to 41 mm in diameter and bringing you a good view of your favorite spice.


Nomos Glashutte presently includes 13 in-house calibers, each with its distinct characteristics. Their desire to fit classical watch models with a unique and efficient style has positively impacted all this. They hold the respect of Germany’s fastest-growing manufacturer of smartwatches by acquiring brand recognition from their customers. You will never regret buying one of their masterpieces.

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