4 Useful Tools You Can Access For Free By PDFBear

Since most people utilize portable document format (PDF) files, there is a high demand for tools to finish tasks faster. However, handling electronic files could be a headache if you don’t know enough of the issues to arise and how to solve them. 

As such, employing reliable and convenient software like PDFBear might be the best decision. PDFBear has all the tools you need for your PDF files. It includes tools for unlocking, merging, page delete function, and splitting. The good thing is, they are all 100% free of charge!

1. PDF Unlock

People like to use a PDF file format to protect documents that are personal and confidential, and it is the most secure file location. But some people find it quite a hassle to keep on re-typing passcodes every time they need to open the file and realize it’s better without a passcode to it. 

Thankfully, PDFBear has a perfect tool for it. Free your PDF file from the password using its most trusted Unlock PDF tool available on all leading platforms and operating systems such as Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. 

This tool is highly recommended for file decryption. You cannot make any safer and easier processes than in PDFBear’s unlocking tool. You will be able to have a password-free PDF file in a matter of minutes after you started the first step. There will only be four quick steps to follow when unlocking a file. 

  • Start the process by uploading the password-protected file you want to unlock. Click “Select Files” and browse the file through your folders. Alternatively, make the quickest upload by dragging and dropping the file directly to their server. 
  • Next, the tool will begin to analyze the entire file and then requires you to enter the password. 
  • From there, press the “Unlock PDF” button so the tool will start the unlocking process. 
  • Shortly after a few moments, PDFBear will let you download your password-free file and save it on your computer.

2. PDF Merge

There are instances when the lessons or profiles you need to read happen to be saved in separate PDF files, which makes it a bit of a hassle to open file after file. Well, there seems to be a better way to study without having to open multiple files. PDFBear’s merging tool allows you to easily combine multiple PDF files in one file location. 

That way, you are able to save more time. On top of that, it keeps your computer desktop clean and organized. Further, this tool is smart and secured. It guarantees 100% safety to your files from threats and unauthorized access through a superior technology that permanently removes uploaded files from their server one hour after the process.

  • Click “Select Files” to upload files from your computer. 
  • Click “Merge PDF” and let the tool do the rest of the work for you. 
  • Please for a minute to complete the process. 
  • Now you can download and save the file to your device. 

3. PDF Delete Page

Deleting pages from your PDF files is a great way to keep your files clean and manageable. It’s important to make it a habit, or else you will only experience inconvenience in the future. On the other hand, deleting pages from your PDF files sounds overwhelming. So it would be best to use a tool from PDFBear and do it step by step.

In just a matter of a few clicks, you can remove as many pages as you want. Making your way to their website is super easy, even the steps for page-removal itself. You can use all types of internet browsers and devices such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, or laptops. 

4. PDF Split

If you can merge PDF files, surely you can also split a PDF file into individual files. Splitting a file helps you separate certain pages from your PDF, which you don’t need anymore, and it is also a way to reduce its size. Splitting files with PDFBear is indeed effortless but has accurate and quality results. 

You won’t have to worry about your files. The quality and format won’t be compromised. On top of that, it’s not a problem whether you are out on a business meeting or a bus ride. You can always split any file with PDFBear anytime and anywhere through the cloud system. This technology makes the tool universally used and known.


Whether you need a tool to unlock, merge, split, and delete some pages from your PDF, know that PDFBear is a complete software ready to offer you free services and tools that are going to make your life a lot easier.

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